Searching for a Seafood Store out of Farmingdale, ME?

We're a cut above the competition

If you're searching for a sustainable way to buy fish, look no further than Glacial Maine Seafood. Our local seafood market goes above and beyond to satisfy customers.

You'll enjoy our:

Affordable prices
Frequent customer deals
Friendly staff

In addition to providing fresh fish to local families, we supply restaurants in Farmingdale, ME and surrounding areas. Go to the Wholesaler page now for more information about our delivery program.

Treat Your Family to a Delicious Seafood Dinner

Stop by our seafood market in Farmingdale, ME

Whether you're considering salmon burgers, shrimp and grits or a clam bake, you'll find everything you need and more at Glacial Maine Seafood. Our seafood store in Farmingdale, ME offers fresh fish and a fun experience. With a kid-friendly touch tank and a snack bar, you'll enjoy shopping here with your whole family.

Visit the Our Store page now to learn more about our exciting seafood market.

We source our seafood straight from the docks

Instead of buying questionable, overpriced fish from the grocery store, come to Glacial Maine Seafood. Since we meet with fishermen daily to buy their catches, you can be sure that you're getting fresh seafood. You'll appreciate how we take the guesswork out of buying fish. After speaking with our knowledgeable staff, you'll know exactly what you're buying, where it came from and how to prepare it.

Stop by our seafood store in Farmingdale, ME to check out our daily specials.

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